Powerful Custom Battery Modules and Solutions

We offer custom battery modules tailored to your unique needs, providing innovative battery systems to power your BEVs, and unmatched energy solutions, ranging from UPS to large-scale storage, ensuring comprehensive coverage for diverse applications.

Tailored Energy Solutions: Your Total Trust

Unleash Energy Storage Potential: Explore Our Extensive Lineup of Lithium Battery Models, Ideal for Automotive Traction Packs and Home Energy Systems.


Precision-Crafted Laser-Welded Battery Modules Tailored to Your Specifications. Adaptable Series and Parallel Configurations, Accommodating Single Modules up to 24 Cell Strings (Depending on Cell Type). Options for Integrated Thermal Management Systems. Multiple Connection Methods: Laser-Welded Side Plates, Banding, Riveting, and More.

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The More You Know

Learning about lithium-ion batteries is an exciting journey into the world of modern energy storage technology. These rechargeable powerhouses are the backbone of countless devices, from smartphones to electric vehicles, and even renewable energy systems.

Solar panels and wind turbines store excess energy in lithium-ion batteries for reliable and efficient power supply.

Lithium-ion batteries cut emissions by promoting electric transport and renewables.

Lithium-ion batteries store excess energy generated during sunny periods so that it can be used during cloudy days or at night.

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Custom Modules

Energy Solutions Crafted Just for You: Custom Battery Modules Tailored to Your Distinctive Requirements.


Empowering Your Electric Vehicles: Delivering Innovative Battery Systems.

Energy Storage Systems

Pioneering Energy Solutions: Whether it’s UPS or Large-Scale Storage, Count on Us for Comprehensive Coverage.

Let’s Make the Planet Cleaner

Using lithium-ion batteries helps combat pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by enabling electric vehicles and storing renewable energy efficiently, contributing to a cleaner planet.