Features: Experience a new level of heat management with balanced performance, optimal cooling, and consistent temperatures. Cutting-edge multi-physics simulation and thermal safeguards ensure safety. Benefit from 24/7 monitoring, data-driven alerts, and seamless adaptability for grid or off-grid setups. Intelligent temperature control effortlessly handles diverse conditions. Liquid-cooled units, chosen for efficiency, adapt their operation, reducing auxiliary loss by 30%. Our modular design suits various capacities and voltage platforms, allowing for easy maintenance and repair. Elevate your expectations with us.

Applications: Our versatile energy solutions find applications across a spectrum of needs, ranging from Distributed Energy Storage Systems to Micro-grid Energy Storage Systems. Whether it’s the integration of Charging-Discharging Storage in stations, urban energy storage provisions, or catering to commercial requirements, our offerings transcend industries. At the heart of our approach lies adaptability, ensuring we meet diverse energy storage demands across various contexts.

Item Rack
Cooling Method Fan Cooling Liquid Cooling
Model 720-280-F 1228.8-280-L
Configuration 1P225S 1p3845
Capacity 280Ah 280Ah
Nominal Voltage 720V 1228.8V
Voltage Range 630V-810V 1075.2V-1382.4V
Standard Charge/
Discharge Power
100kW 172kW
Operation Temp Charge: 0℃~55℃ Charge: 0℃~55℃
Discharge: -20℃~55℃ Discharge: -20℃~55℃
Self-Discharge Rate ≤3%/month ≤3%/month
Energy 201 kWh 344 kWh








Storage Humidity

<75% RH, No Condensation

<75% RH, No Condensation
IP Level



Let’s Make the Planet Cleaner

Using lithium-ion batteries helps combat pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by enabling electric vehicles and storing renewable energy efficiently, contributing to a cleaner planet..