Features: The system offers a balanced and efficient heat transfer performance, creating optimal cooling conditions and temperature homogeneity. Engineered with LFP cells, it prioritizes safety as a paramount concern. The incorporation of intelligent temperature control enables automatic adjustments to accommodate both cold and hot environments seamlessly. Leveraging cutting-edge multi-physics simulation and thermal runaway prevention technologies, the system ensures robust safety protocols. The chosen integrated liquid-cooled units not only facilitate adaptive operating state adjustments but also deliver a remarkable 30% reduction in auxiliary losses, enhancing overall energy efficiency.

Applications: Presenting a comprehensive suite of energy storage solutions: Distributed Energy Storage, Micro-grid Energy Storage, Charging-Discharging Integrated Station, Urban Energy Storage, and Commercial Energy Storage. These cutting-edge systems address diverse energy needs, ensuring optimized management, enhanced grid reliability, and sustainable urban energy practices.

Item Pack
Cooling Method Fan Cooling Liquid Cooling
Model 48-280-F 153-280-L
Configuration 1P15S 1P48S
Capacity (Ah) 280 280
Voltage (V) 48 153.6
Energy (kWh) 13.44 43
Dimensions(mm) W510*D647*H240 W858*D1067*H240
Communication CAN CAN/Daisy chain
Weight 100kg±5kg 300kg±8kg
IP Level IP20 IP67

Let’s Make the Planet Cleaner

Using lithium-ion batteries helps combat pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by enabling electric vehicles and storing renewable energy efficiently, contributing to a cleaner planet.